Friday, April 2, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis anyone?
It actually exist!!

I was chillin at home with hanis when we were gossiping bout our current life dramas ;) Then she said that it's actually quarter life crisis we're having. She googled it last nite and there it was on wikipedia (our source of all knowledge..haha). I googled it too!! And to my horror, I have diagnosed myself as having Quarter Life Crisis. I is dodgy to be excusing myself this way but in this new era of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing enlightened society we live in, it is excusable :)

Anyways, here's a list of characteristics of this crisis:
  • realizing that the pursuits of one's peers are useless
  • confronting their own mortality
  • watching time slowly take its toll on their parents, only to realize they are next
  • insecurity regarding the fact that their actions are meaningless
  • insecurity concerning ability to love themselves, let alone another person
  • insecurity regarding present accomplishments
  • re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
  • lack of friendships or romantic relationships, sexual frustration, and involuntary celibacy
  • disappointment with one's job
  • nostalgia for university, college, high school or elementary school life
  • tendency to hold stronger opinions
  • boredom with social interactions
  • loss of closeness to high school and college friends
  • financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unanticipatedly high cost of living, etc.)
  • loneliness, depression and suicide
  • desire to have children
  • a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you
  • frustration with social skills
Now whadya know....ticks all my boxes!!! Apparently this largey applies to the Generation Y kids, US! This crisis happens when we are transitioning into the young adult life where we are faced with "the real world". Careers, love, friendships, families, finances all snowballed into a huge question mark to where this is all heading..... me doctor, I'm sick ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


"Never use your eyes to cry for the one who fooled you, instead use it to search for the right one" I saw this on someone's Fb status....totally caught my heart!!! Don't you love it when you're bored and you go through the news feed on Fb and something like this just brightens up your day :) Especially considering I was at the hospital when I caught this one.... ;), I have gotten myself my second recommendation for my internship applications!!!!! Now all I need to do is figure out how the hell am I suppose to write my resume...I have never in my life written one, so.....yes, I am exceptionally clueless at this......Someone please help me.....~puppy eyes~ I could have fainted and created another drama for myself but instead....i was composed well enough to....well....let's just say that my wonderland bubble right now just keep getting bigger ;) hahaha....

PS: He made me laugh :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


I currently suffer the following symptoms:
- magical thinking
- delusional thoughts
- anxiety attacks
- absence seizure attacks
- heightened sense of all sensory modalities
- obsessive
- small outbursts of disinhibition

Diagnosis please?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

extreme budgeted makeover

SCALA has been through an extreme budgeted makeover!!!!
It has been loooooongg overdue but finally it's done!! well, not exactly done....there's a few bits and pieces that needs dealing with but on the overall, it's finally felt like home since a looooong time now... :)
Took a whole weekend but in the end, it was soooo worth it!!!
When I say budgeted, I mean, we didn't spend a single cent...haha....we just basically moved things around and threw out most of the rubbish in the house.
By the way, these are BB photos so, obviously it looks so much better than this....hahahaa....

To achieve the 'we-are-all-well-read-n-intelligent' feel, we moved the bookshelf to the living room. It's now next to the dining table.....  

Moving on, we changed the coffee table to this 'rustic vintage looking' turquoise table. It's smaller than the old one so it kinda creates a whole lot more space in front of the TV.

Now, to my favourite part of the bedrooomm!!!! Well, it's actually renia and me :) It looks like a whole new room now.
Hers and Hers :P
We added a sort of backdrop behind our bed with sheer purple and black curtains.

My bedside... ;)

We also changed the WIR curtains to a sheer purple curtain, same as the backdrop. And a little candlelighted peacock at the WIR entrance just makes it a little more dreamier don't u think?? (I know I made u proud ajjie!! hehe...)

This is now next to the door. Where it used to be is now our massive study table :)

Oh, did I mention that we have fishes in our bathroom now?? 

So that's mostly all of u who've been to SCALA and hasn't since, come visit again!!! U know our sessions in SCALA is legendary.... hahaha....

Thanks to those who spared their wasted extra time to help (Yes, you Shaq, Chippie and Aishah)
Munira.....wish u were here in SCALA wif me and ren....miss u!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Oh My Effin' Gawwd!!!!
FMF was sooo bloody effin' awesome!!!!!!

The weather was bad but that didn't dampen our high spirits at all! :D
First it was cold, and then HOT (!!), and then the dark clouds started hovering.....then, RAIN!!
They actually closed all the stages and stopped all the music when it rained....Imagine the horror!! Wet and not knowing when they'll resume playing.....I'm not sure if it was me, being anxious and upset, or not coz it seemed so long til we heard the resonating sounds from the mainstage!!!! Everyone practically cheered and ran towards the mainstage where...guess who was playing??? DAVID GUETTA!!!!! "Fuck the rain, right" he cried. Fuck yea!! hahahaha....

The feeling was incredible.....the rain, david guetta...somehow clicked...haha....
And the moment I was waiting for....PRODIGY!!!  Dream come true!!!! I vowed there were 3 bands I'd like to see live before my old age stops me...haha... Silverchair (done!! wif miss ainer!!), Prodigy (accomplished!!) and BSB.....the only one left...which, to say...I kinda grew out of...haha....

Me n renia stayed on til everything was done....Went back the way we came, tramming....wet, happpyyyy, accomplished, and still full of energy, in a cramped miserably wet and dirty tram to the city....

PS: It felt like we survived some catastrophe that could have happened....hahaha..... maybe that was just us ;P

PSS: oh, did i mention we also saw franz ferdinand, empire of the sun and, above and beyond? just to drop-name a few....hahahaha....

Walking on sunshine

 Erick Morillo 

 Aishah & Chippie



 Dark clouds came......

 .....and then the rain poured

 Dancing in the rain

 David Guetta

Woot woot!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alice In WONDERland

 Who's in??

Oh My God!!!

It's coming!! This Thursday!!!
Finally the wait is over!! :D

I can't wait to watch Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland!!! ;)
Oh...of course, the highlight,  
Johnny!! ~drools~

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dare To Dream

 Chanel Spring 2010 Couture

Chanel Spring 2010 Couture

Anne Valerie Hash Spring 2010 Couture

 Prada Spring 2010 Couture

 Rodarte Fall 2010 RTW

 Anna Sui Fall 2010 RTW

 Givenchy Spring 2010 Couture

In a daze and look where it got me? 
I'm lusting~
In my wraith, I hold my own rhapsody

Hey, a girl can always dream right? 

And those dreams are MINE :)